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Egon schiele

"Me sentía insatisfecho y, francamente, bastante jodido por todo. No estaba yendo a ninguna parte, ni tampoco el resto del mundo. Estábamos haciendo tiempo, esperando morir, y mientras tanto hacíamos bobadas. Llenar el vacío."

- Bukowski Charles / Pulp, 45 (fragmento)

(Fuente: extremosdelacordura, vía nosoyuno)


Günter Brus, Aktion Ana, 1964


"The Double Life of Veronica" - one of the most magnificent moments.


"Teorema" (1968) Pier Paolo Pasolini

Francesco Tortorella


Stills from Film Stenopeico by Paolo Gioli, 1974-1989

"This film, as the Vertovian title indicates, was made without a movie camera, more precisely with a device custom made to restore to images freedom from optics and mechanics. The act of substituting my device for a traditional movie camera is part of a project I have continued from that moment on towards weaning myself from a consumer technology, a toxin to pure creativity. This strange movie camera is a simple hollow metal tube, one centimeter thick, two centimeters wide, and a little more than a meter long. At the ends, two reels hold 16mm film. Film is pulled through manually causing alternations of time and space. The images enter simultaneously through 150 holes distributed along one side in proximity to each frame, that come to make up 150 tiny pinhole camera obscuras, also called stenopeic from the Greek stenos = narrow and from the stem op- from orào = to see. These tiny holes, when placed, for example, in front of a standing human figure, can explore it in its verticality but without any movement, which is appropriate since each hole will take in a single point, the detail in front of which the hole lies. One of the most obvious results will be to find oneself confronted precisely with a movement of the camera that never happened; somewhat magical pneumatic flutterings running longitudinally and transversally along a face and body reconstructed through 150 image points.”

(vía grigiabot)